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The Mouse has NO NAME

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

You will never have to wait in line to see this mouse. They will always be surrounded by the nature of the grounds. You will likely be on camera if you go to visit this site. Don't fear, but don't steal the packages or the nectar of the hummingbirds.

Born in Oakland California, this Guardian of Wonder knew nature was always going to be its place of refuge. It guards a hibiscus plant and hummingbird feeder on the steps of a privately owned home. You can view the Guardian of Wonder from the sidewalk.

The Golden Lemur

Guardians of Wonder are placed to promote love and peace across the globe. At our center, we all have the same feelings, the same joys and sorrows, the same love and struggles, and we all giggle, dream and wonder.

If the Guardian of Wonder is Healthy you can visit them

The Guardians of Wonder are created from lover's, friend's & artist's energy. The project is not based upon personal ownership of the Guardian of Wonder. It is agreed upon that all Guardians of Wonder are not owned and when placed are not the property of any person corporation or other entity. They cannot and should not be sold for profit. The guardians placed from Bastions are the sole property of curiosity.

Be a Bastion

Be one with love, spread wonder, and be part of a community

Be a Bastion (share and spread the vision of the Guardian of Wonder)

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