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Bunny Lop

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

It's hard to stay away from the majesty of beautiful Lake Chabot on a sunshine feeling day. After a long trek they stop to sit on a rock under an oak and watch the hikers pass by.

Lake Chabot is a very lovely place where you can walk the 9 mile loop, enjoy the horses or rent a boat. Don't drink the water.

Bunny Lop

Stop for a moment look around at where you are. It is only possible to live in the present for the slightest of moments.

If the Guardian of Wonder is Healthy you can visit them

The Guardians of Wonder are created from lover's, friend's & artist's energy. The project is not based upon personal ownership of the Guardian of Wonder. It is agreed upon that all Guardians of Wonder are not owned and when placed are not the property of any person corporation or other entity. They cannot and should not be sold for profit. The guardians placed from Bastions are the sole property of curiosity.

Be a Bastion

Be one with love, spread wonder, and be part of a community

Be a Bastion (share and spread the vision of the Guardian of Wonder)

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